Jet Water Booster Pumps


our jet priming booster pump with automatic pump controller is suitable for distributing water under pressure in rural housing, residential housing, gardens, light industrial and small-scale agricultural applications where the incoming municipal water supply pressure is inadequate.

the special operating system makes our centrifugal pumps an appropriate solution in all cases where water flow rates do not ensure suitable operating pressures.

Model: JET100P-EPS

Jet Water Booster Pumps
  • Max Flow rate : 70 l/m
  • Max Head: 46 m
  • Max Rated Flow : 48 l/m @ 20m (2 bar)
  • Suction: max ~9m
  • Max Pressure: 4.6 Bar
  • Voltage : 220~240v 50hz
  • Power: 0.75kw, 1.0hp, 2900rpm
  • Inlet 1 inch, outlet 1 inch
  • Weight: 16 Kg

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Pump & Supply Tank

红包扫雷下载平台all booster pumps must get there supply from water from a storage tank. booster pumps cannot simply be put in line with the municipal feed. please refer to schematic drawing of pump and tank.

Piping design

poor piping design and installation is a common cause of poor centrifugal-pump performance or failure. poor piping can result in:

  • Cavitation
  • Performance dropout
  • Impeller failure
  • Bearing and mechanical seal failures
  • Cracked casings
  • Leaks
  • Spills
  • Fires
Suction piping

suction piping is more important than discharge piping.

Suction Pipe size and elimination of air pockets

the jet100p-eps & qb60-eps has a 1 inch inlet. piping should be at least one nominal pipe size larger than the pump suction inlet. velocities should be less than 2 to 3 ft/sec, and the head loss as a result of friction should be less than 1 ft per 100 ft of equivalent piping length. suction lines should be short and free of all unnecessary turns.

for flooded suctions, piping should be continuously sloping downward to the pump suction so that any vapour pockets can migrate back to the source vessel. for static lifts, the piping should be continuously sloping upward with no air pockets (install gate valves in horizontal position).

红包扫雷下载平台if a gate valve is to be installed between pump and tank it is recommended the pipe size and gate valve be increased to 1½ inch and reduced going into the pump back to 1 inch. no non-return valves, strainers or filters are to be fitted between pump and tank. the pump already has a non-return valve fitted to it and cannot push back on the tank.

红包扫雷下载平台strainers must be fitted on the pipe work that enters the tank. filters can be fitted before entering tank or on the outlet side of the pump. make sure that filters can handle the pressure of the pump.

Upstream Elbow Considerations

when making upstream orientation changes, only long-radius elbows should be used. they should not be connected directly to the pump suction flange, and a minimum of at least two to five pipe diameters of straight pipe should be between the suction flange and the elbow and between successive elbows.

红包扫雷下载平台this reduces swirl and turbulence before the fluid reaches the pump. otherwise, separation of the leading edges may occur, with consequent noisy operation and cavitation damage. the outlet pipe may be reduced to suit the application. important to remember the smaller the outlet pipe the less volume of water can be pushed.

Cover the Pump

the pump must be covered and protected from the elements. pumps incorrectly installed are not covered under the manufactures warranty.

Electrical Connection

红包扫雷下载平台electrical connections to the pump are to be done by a qualified person.

Jet Water Booster Pumps

Our expert installation team will install your pump quickly and professionally.

We can courier your pump to all major towns and cities in South Africa within two to four working days. Email us with your delivery address details, model of pump and we will quote you for pump and delivery accordingly.